The Ninth Annual Tower Reunion

The Ninth Annual Trinity Tower Reunion took place on the 5th November 2011 

It was a great success, although the number of people attending was a little lower this year.  The number of people giving apologies was much higher than normal, and we must have hit a date what was already booked by a larger number of people than usual.    There were 81 people attending.

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If you took photos at the reunion, then please e-mail them to me, and I will add them to the website.  [e-mail]

The Ninth Annual Trinity Tower reunion took place on 5th November 2011. It was another successful event. This is the second event, where Peter Austen ran the event in the new venue he found last year, the Cordwainer.  In the week before the reunion, Peter got a plug on Radio Northampton every day, and the number of daily visitors to this website went up by 50%.  At the moment, the website normally gets around 220 240 visitors per day and during the week of the radio announcements it went up to 310 350 visitors per day, with a peak in the morning between 10 12am.  We certainly gained new readers, as some e-mailed me and sent material and we gained a few extra people to the reunion.  Since all of this publicity was close to the event, some people could not make it, but hopefully they will be able to next year.

Bookings in advance for the reunion were a little down this year, but we had more people who turned up on the day. It was good to see them, although they did not get the benefit of a pre-printed badge label so that people could more easily read the names!!  Pre-printed badges are not something that we have done since 2003.

Possibly due to the date this year, the normally large 1973 contingent was much smaller this year, with several members of that group being away.

We had a second visit from Norman French.  He came once before and provided us with a superb copy of the 1947 school photo.  Norman was there in 1950.  We also had a first time visitor in Fred Zira.  He was there in 1951.  It is really good to see such a span of ages coming to this annual event.

The Collection

Every year people put donations in the collecting box that you see in front of Peter on the table to the right.  This helps to pay for any reunion costs and offset the running cost of this website which has no form of income.

In 2011 the only reunion costs were some stationery and postage amounting to approx 12.  The website this year will cost 102.36 for the annual hosting fee, plus the bi-annual domain name renewal fee.  The collection raised 87.05 so goes a long way towards paying for these costs.    Thank you.     Ian Dow

We had three teachers this year.  We had hoped to see Mike Joy, but although he would have been able to come health-wise, he had to go to the airport to collect his grandson.  Hopefully, he will be able to come next year.  We all wish him well for his forthcoming medical treatment in Oxford.  However, David Baker came again.  He has been coming for a number of years now, and is always very welcome.  He enjoys the day, and is always there right from the beginning and stays late.  We would like to send our best wishes to Sue his wife, who has been in hospital and is now in convalescence.  He is hoping she will be home for Christmas.  Tad Newton came along, so with Dennis Rooke being both pupil and staff, we had three staff members at the Reunion this year.

Peter made a short speech at 2pm, and invited people who wanted to come along, to join him afterwards for a meal.  Some people went, although one of the reasons for the timing of this event, is that we still get a lot of people who come a long distance to be there, and they need to get away for the journey home.  We had several people from the south coast, from North Wales, and of course, Mary Evans always comes across from Southern Ireland. She has been to every one.  [Even the last bus to Dallington, goes at 6pm!!!]

People enjoyed the event as much as ever, and there were still a lot of people there by 7pm.

Various people gave me material for the website, thank you, and I will get it on to the website as soon as I can.

Thanks again to Peter for organising the event and we all look forward to next years event.