The Tower from Trinity Avenue

The Annual Tower Reunion 2009

The Annual Tower Reunion took place at the Old Bank, in St Giles Square, Northampton, on the 7th November. 

The reunion got off to a slow start this time.  On arrival we found that the equipment for the bar in the function room had failed, and so the drinks had to be fetched from downstairs.  One or the two of the usual suspects arrived either dead on opening time or before, but then the usual rush of people just after 12:30 was only a trickle.  However, David Baker, one of the favourite teachers from the 60's era arrived right at the start, as he has done for the last few years.  He stayed throughout the event, and moved around talking to lots of different people.  Many always remember David for his work in the various major productions that were staged and got to know him well through these events. 

People then began to arrive in earnest, and by 2pm, the place was busy and the noise levels high.  As always, we had some people who had come for the first time and it was very good to see them.  However, overall there were fewer people this year, and there were more "no-shows" from those who had booked in, which is always a pity if others have come along especially hoping to see someone on the list.  In the end there were 67 people who signed in, and probably a few more who forgot to tick there name off. 

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During the short address at 2pm, which welcomed everyone who had come along, Ian Dow announced that having now organised 7 reunions, he was stepping down to let someone else have a go. 

David Baker - photo from Bob Ashby

I will continue to run the website as before, and will happily put together all of the details on to this website for future reunions, and handle the bookings that come through it.  But, it is time for a change.  We need a change of venue, and not living in Northampton makes it more difficult for me to find suitable locations, but also after 7 reunions, it is time for some fresh ideas.  I have enjoyed running these reunions and look forward to coming along in the future to the next reunion.

Rest assured that I have already paid the invoice for the next year's website hosting and will continue to run the website as before.  A number of people are looking into options for organising the next reunion, and may volunteer to take over the challenge.  However, if you were not at this reunion, and would like to offer to run next year's event, then please contact me.  Everyone at the event was keen to see the annual get-togethers continue, so we need someone to organise the event.  Please e-mail me [e-mail]

During the remainder of the day people caught up with what had happened in the last 12 months, and some had brought along some old memories.  There was also much discussion on how the reunion could be organised next year.

A number of people took it upon themselves to make an extra contribution into the entry money box, to help with the costs of running the website.  This year there was quite a lot more money in the box than people at the event.  Thank you very much for that, and it will help to pay towards the running of this website.

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If you know of any other reunions that are planned to take place, then please send me the details and I will add them here.  [e-mail]

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