The First Staff vs School Cricket Match

Mike on the school photo in 1952

Mike Haggett started at the school in 1949 and has produced several memories of those early days.  The school was in its infancy and housed in the Technical College buildings.

The first Staff vs School cricket match that I recall was played in about 1953. Although I don’t remember anything about the quality of the game, or who won, I do remember one sensational event.

The School were batting and the ball was hit towards the tennis courts, probably at the long-off boundary and was fielded (or retrieved) by History Master A. Clements who returned it towards the wicket with great precision.  Unfortunately the recipient was J.J. Nortney who was not the wicket-keeper.  Mr Nortney had been ‘backing up’ and seeing that the ball had been recovered was returning to his fielding position when the ball caught him on the back of the head and poleaxed him.  No doubt some spectators who were not overly fond of Maths privately awarded Mr Clements ‘Man of the Match‘ for this achievement!  I was pleased to read that ‘Nogger’ had lived into his eighties notwithstanding.

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