Memories from School

                  For many people this is the most important part of the website.  

Before I started producing the original Trinity High School Reunion website in Spring 2003, my memories of school were almost zero.  A few names, but not too many, and even fewer faces to go with them.  Since that time the memories have come flooding back as I have done the research, and more importantly as people have sent me photographs and anecdotes.  I will still never be heard saying that "School days were the best days of my life", but it has been enjoyable finding out more about what happened way back then, and I have enjoyed reading and writing things about those days.  I hope that you will find it enjoyable.


The sections in this part of the website are filled (and still growing) with memories of the school, its pupils, the staff, and life at that time.  There are eight main sections: -

The Tower - the school magazine

The Tower

The School Year Books


The School Scrap Book


Pupil Memories

Pupil Memories

Transport to School


The Cobblers

The Cobblers


Tales from the Tower



In Memory

     (tributes to former pupils who have sadly died)

In Memory

In each of these sections you will find many things that you will remember from your days at school.  The aim is to add plenty of new material to these sections as it is found, so please look at the What's New page from time to time to see what has been added.

For the history of the school and its staff, then please refer to the School History section.

The Tower MagazineThe Tower Magazine was first printed in 1959.

The website contains a lot of material from "The Tower", with material written by pupils, the regular Around the Forms section, and a selection of adverts that provide a picture of the era.  Click on the front cover of the magazine to visit The Tower pages.  



The School YearbookThe School Year Book

The school published a year book.  The book contained the school calendar for the year, the names, forms, form rooms, form teacher for all of the pupils, and of course, the school rules.  Click on the front cover to go to that section.



The "Scrapbook"

This section contains items taken from the school scrapbook itself, kept in the school library, and other items taken from newspapers etc., about the school and school life.  This section has now grown into a large "book", but with material that you dig out from the attic, it could easily get much bigger.

Transport to School

How did you get to school?  Many people got there on the Northampton red buses, and John Child, who is enthusiast, and has one of his own which he is restoring, reminds us in an interesting article about the buses, the places they passed with some interesting old photographs.

The "Cobblers"

Although this was a definitely a "Rugger" playing school in the 50's and 60's, there were some people who preferred soccer. In the 60's the Cobblers enjoyed a very successful period, and Chris Timms who has been a life long fan has started writing a diary of the Cobblers, which he will add to every month.

Tales from the Tower

A section of the amusing incidents and pranks that made us all laugh.

In Memory

After a number of requests for a list of former-pupils who have died, which I have always resisted (in case someone was listed incorrectly, we now have a section for tributes to former pupils.  These are tributes written by friends.  This will help to ensure accuracy, and is the opportunity for people to pay tribute who have passed on.  [In Memory]


Do you remember which House you were in and what the house colours were?

The School Houses


This house was named after John Blakeman the former principal of the College of Technology.


It is believed that this was called Burghley after Elizabeth I's Chancellor, Lord Burghley.  He was an old boy of King's School in Grantham, having been born in Bourne in Lincolnshire in 1520.


This house was named after Edgar Mobbs.  To read the story of Edgar Mobbs, [Click Here]


Kelvin was named after the famous scientist.  Lord William Thompson Kelvin, 1824 - 1907 was a physicist and mathematician, who studied at Cambridge.  He is perhaps best known for the Kelvin temperature scale.

If you don't remember which house you were in, then look it up in the yearbook (back soon)


If you have anything that you would like to have added in this section, photographs, anecdotes, etc., then please send it to me by clicking on any one of the "Mail" links.


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