The History of Trinity High School

The Famous Tower

The school had its foundations in 1932.  The Northampton Technical College opened in St George's Avenue in that year.  A very small part of the new college was a Junior Technical School, which was designed for only 40 pupils, 31 boys and 9 girls.  The first mention of the school in the newspapers was in 1942.  The staff and pupils, along with the pupils of the Paddington School, who had been evacuated here, joined in a service and parade to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the start of World War II. 

In 1944 the new Education Act abolished the old school and formed a new one called the Technical High School, which opened in late 1945, and was the true beginning of the school as we knew it.  It moved in to the new buildings, including the tower in 1957, and then changed its name to Trinity High School in December 1960.  It changed again to Trinity Grammar School in 1969, and it was all change once again in 1973 when it became a comprehensive school and its name became simply, Trinity School. 

The final change took place in September 2004 when the old school was replaced by the new Church of England school, Unity College, and in the summer of 2005 all of the old school buildings were demolished.  Unity College was itself replaced and is now the Malcolm Arnold Academy.

The History is divided in to a number of sections.  All of these topics are listed below and can be accessed from the buttons above.

The History This section contains the details of the formation of the school, and the many changes that have taken place since.  There are photos of the construction and a school plan.  There are two excellent articles from the Northampton Independent, which give lots of detail.  The opening of the new buildings is covered, with a copy of the programme.
The Staff There is a lot of detail about the school staff, including a full index of teachers and photographs.  There are details of the most famous senior staff, "Buzzer", "Gunner", "Pip", and "Tiger".
The Final Prize Winners Evening In November 2004 a final Trinity Prize Winner's Evening was held after it had been converted to Unity College.  This had replaced the "Speech Day" of the early years, but for this special event a lot of the old staff were invited back to take part.  There is a full account of this event.
The Final Chapter In April 2005 a change of plan was announced.  It had originally been intended to refurbish the tower and other old Trinity buildings to form part of the new Unity College, it was now decided to demolish them.  The demolition took place in August 2005.  There are many photos of this sad event.
After 1974 There is a section that contains a limited amount of material of the period from 1974 until the school became Unity College
Unity College On the 2nd September 2004 the replacement school for the one that we knew, opened its doors for the first time. It had become a Church of England School, under the Diocese of Peterborough.  It was to provide Church of England Secondary Education in Northampton for the first time.  After much work and planning,  Trinity had finally become Unity College. A school designed for 1,200 upper school pupils.
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