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Northampton Town Football Club

In its early years, Trinity High School was a purely rugger playing school.  There was no possibility of playing soccer during games, at all.  Despite this some people still preferred the other game.  Chris Timms was one of those.  

Chris was at Trinity High School from 1957 - 1962 and was an avid soccer fan, and still is.  Chris has contributed a diary of the golden era of the Cobblers. To read his diary click on the Chapter links on the left.  He called it:


Chris has now completed the saga, and Chapter 9 is the last one.  It has completed the journey from the bottom of the football league to the top and back down again.

In later years the school became more involved with football, and in July 1971 two pupils interviewed the Cobblers and Wales manager Dave Bowen.  Click on the link on the left at the bottom to read their interview.

Chris Timms has lived in Southwell, Notts for the last twenty five years.  He writes:-

Within Southwell we have a number of ex Northamptonians including another one from Trinity High and at least two former Cobblers fans.

I have been married for 35 years to Lesley from London and we have two boys and a girl.  One is an I.T. Manager, one is a Solicitor and the other one works for a local electronics firm.  All are now married and surprisingly enough have settled into the Town and all live with a half mile radius.  We now have four grandchildren.  In addition, my wife and I have adopted an elderly German Shepard dog called Alice who is in poor health and needs much TLC.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to retire at 50 in 1996 having worked in the Electricity Industry for 34 years since leaving school. All rather boring and sad but plenty of share options and a generous pension scheme has allowed me to hang up my boots at 50 and settle down to my favourite hobby of being a 'beach bum' but without the beach bit.  Just for the record I spent my time in Personnel and Finance Management, Project Managing the development of IT Systems and latterly Business Consultancy.

My lifelong passion for football continues and despite attempts wherever and whenever we have moved, to become a Leicester City fan, a Coventry City fan, a Notts County fan or even a Notts Forest fan, none has really worked and I remain committed to the Cobblers.

The Cobblers was written by Chris Timms.   To contact Chris, click here

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