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[Trinity After 1974]

Insight LogoAfter 1974 the Tower magazine was replaced by Insight.  As it was produced on a stencilling machine, the print is very feint and it does not copy well.  This was published until 1978, and then there was a period of 10 years where there is no record in the school archives of any magazine.  In 1988 a new publication simply called the "Northampton Trinity School Newsletter" began.  In 1993 this was replaced by "Trinity News".  Trinity News was different from its predecessors.  This was a frequent publication.  At times it was published monthly, and then at others it appears to have been less frequent.  Trinity News had several formats before the last ever edition in July 2004.

The First Trinity News BannerMagazines that are available in this section can be found by clicking on the links on the left.  All the magazines that were available in the school archives have now been added, and below is a summary of the material in each edition.


[Trinity School After 1974]


May 1975: - Mrs B Watson, Senior Mistress, retired after 16 years at the school. The first Prize-winners evening was held on 10th April.
Oct 1975: This was the first long edition, with 36 pages. Sorry, a lot of them are hard to read. The head’s introduction tells of the difficulties of getting the three new mobile classrooms installed in time for the new term.
Feb 76: The headmaster stresses the importance of parents.
Second Trinity News BannerMay 76: The headmaster writes about non-teaching staff and there are articles on football hooliganism and school clubs
Oct 76: An obituary for former deputy head Percy Tompkins. The headmaster marks the end of 3 years of reorganisation at the school following the introduction of comprehensive education.
Dec 78: A bumper edition with 45 pages. It includes lots of items on Christmas and details of the new partial hearing unit.
May 85:  Four members of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, visit Trinity.
Feb 88:  Reports the start of the stained glass project.
May 88:  Abdul Malik takes part in gymnastics display in front of Princess Diana. Report on the planned retirement of “Tiger” Timms at the end of term.
July 88:  Report of the retirement of Mr Len Timms, Deputy Head and long serving staff member.
Nov 88:  Trinity on TV. The school appeared on a programme on Anglia TV as well as on Radio Northampton as a result of new teaching methods.
Feb 89:  Trinity involved in Crime Prevention activities.
May 89:  Reports on inaccurate items on both Radio Northampton and Anglia TV about pupils having been arrested in Kingsthorpe after trouble, which were totally untrue.
July 89:  Mr Hall writes his first news letter as temporary headmaster while Mr Cummins is on secondment.
Trinity News 3Oct 89:  Preparations for the Christmas Fayre.
Dec 89:  Reports of prize winner’s evening and a number of sports activities.
Feb 91:  Trinity’s first ever pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk.
May 91:  Plans for the new Sixth Form centre.
July 91:  Mr Cummins writes about the loss of two deputy heads at the same time, while three teachers went up to London to see the Queen.
Oct 91:  Exclusively about the sixth form centre.
Nov 91:  81 Musicians at Trinity
Feb 92:  Night of the Dragon and alterations to the Tower block.
July 92:  Mr Cummins writes more about his decision to retire, with more information about the new man Mr Hart. Stephen Meakins also announces his decision to take early retirement. Details of a number of school trips and sports news.
Dec 92:  The Young Telegraph Readathon.
Feb 93:  Trinity News takes on a new format. It was designed to the shorter and more frequent. The first edition was a single page.
April 93:  Comic relief activities, sixties disco and a jazz workshop.
May 93:  All change in the library.
July 93:  A day trip to Boulogne and details of staff changes. School Sports Day results.
Dec 93:  Continuing Education.
Feb 94:  The debates starts about Grant Maintained status. The Trinity Centre of Industrial Studies.
July 94:  The French Exchange Group and the summer fete.
Dec 94:  The first careers convention.
Mar 95:  A hot air balloon lands at Trinity and results of the Comic Relief fund raising.
June 95:  The School Office.
Trinity News 4July 95:  Staff changes and congratulations year 10.
Dec 95:  Mrs Baines to take early retirement and move to Hong Kong. Children in Need fund raising.
May 96:  Our Sad Loss – Tribute to Sarah Allin, Head of Humanities, who died after a long struggle against cancer. Trips to France and Rover Cars and a German exchange group.
July 96:  A busy summer at Trinity. Many sporting activities.
Oct 96:  Ten students travel to Lille via the tunnel as part of a scheme to increase awareness of careers in engineering. Sixth formers raise funds for the elderly.
July 97:  German exchange.
Nov 97:  Children in Need and the Winter Fayre.
Dec 97:  Carole Ann Eastgate leaving Trinity to take up a teaching post in Bangkok. The Grand Christmas Concert.
July 98:  John Dawkins and Kathy Broadhurst taking early retirement (John had been a pupil at the school). Trinity helps the NSPCC and outstanding work in Technology.
Dec 98:  GCE/GCSE Results. Sixth formers off to Africa. Trinity award winners.
July 99:  Year 9 residential.
Sept 99:  New staff arrivals, the refurbishment of the Tower Block and congratulations on examination success.
Nov 99:  Mike Hart announces his retirement, and the appointment of Mars S Goode as acting head. Visit to France, Bugsy Malone, news from the PE faculty. News from the departments.
Jan 2000:  Another new makeover for the magazine, the first from Mrs Goode.
Mar 2000:  How parents can help their students. From the departments and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
July 2000:  New computers for music, French residential, other departmental news.
Nov 2000:  Impressions of Trinity from Year 8 & 9. Staff visit Canada. Expressive Arts does a performance for Fairfields School.
July 01:  Year 10 goes to Spain. School Sports Day.
Dec 01:  The School Council has its say. Sports, indoor cricket, Children in Need.
July 02:  The Sports page. Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Self defence lessons.
Dec 02:  Children in Need. News from the Art Dept. Fashion week. Name the School Fish. Sports results.
Trinity News 5Feb 03:  The head raises issues of bad language, attendance and the self-belief of students. The school travel plan. Report on the December talent show.
Sept 03:  Another new format. Make the school proud, Chill Out Zone, Community Day, News from Around the Departments. New guidance on truancy and new routes to school.
Dec 03:  The New School Improvement Plan. Building the new College. Prize-winner’s evening.
April 04:  Pictures of Unity College taking shape. The trip to Spain was very wet. Science in Focus. Prince’s Trust. Geography and History field trips.
May 04:  Racing car visits Trinity. Announcing a special week of activities at the end of term to celebrate the success of Trinity.
July 04:  The final ever Trinity Newsletter. Trinity on the BBC. A farewell evening for Trinity School.

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