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Trinity School  1974 to 2004

In 1974 the school changed again and became Trinity School.  Many people thought that it was called Trinity Upper School, but that was never its official name.  The school continued for a further 30 years as a comprehensive school, until it closed in 2004.

For the interest of both pupils during the earlier era and for the people that attended the school after 1974, this section records the memories from 1974 to 2004.

The Tower magazine was replaced initially with simple newsletters and then by the "Insight" magazine.  This was published until 1978, and then there was a period 10 years where there appears to have been no magazine.  In 1988 a new publication simply called the "Northampton Trinity School Newsletter" was published.  In 1993 this was replaced by "Trinity News".  Trinity News was different from its predecessors.  This was a frequent publication.  At times it was published monthly.

Also from the school archives there are a large number of photos, programmes for school productions, press cuttings etc.  I will gradually add these, as time permits.  However, if you were a pupil at the school during the post-74 era and have some photos that you would like added to this section, then send them to me - see panel on the right.  One thing absent compared to earlier years are photos of sporting activities.  There are virtually none, so any sporting photos you have will be welcome.

Material in this section is organised by year, with a separate section for school magazines.  Years will be added from time to time (read "What's New") and see the "New" symbols below.  The buttons below link to the material available, with some of the highlights listed.  There are also photos of school staff from this period on the Staff Section of School History.

  Magazines All of the the magazines and newsletters that were available in the archives (and which were able to be copied) have now been added to the website.  61 magazines are now in this section.  If you have any copies of missing magazines, then please send them in.
  1975 Press cutting of the presentation of the Stockpiler prize and details of the summer concert.
  1976 Some concerts and photos of pupils around the school
  1977 Various performances, including Westside Story, and more pupil photos around the school.
  1978 An extra week off due to lack of heating oil.  Various school productions
  1979 Another article about Stan Guffog's project to install an organ in the hall and various articles about the shortage of school books, due to budget cuts.
  1980 Stepping Out - a major school production.
  1981 Retirement Buffet for Neville Adams (60), Jack Burgess (56) and Garry Grimshaw (62).  Budget cuts hitting school standards. Several performances.
  1982 Plenty of pop music, and a family paints a picture in the newspaper of Trinity as an "excellent" school.
  1983 Pupils produced their own newspaper "Trinity Talking", which was published as a special edition inside the Chronicle and Echo.
  1984 An educational experiment turns a rebel into a proud pupil.  Lots of swimming.
  1985 The Royal Opera performs at Trinity.  A real scoop.  Several other shows were also  performed that year.
  1986 Basketball Team Success, mini bus fund raising and a crime prevention quiz.
  1987 A number of performances, plus articles from the press including an item by Head Mr Cummins defending comprehensive education.
  1988 Programme for the Prize Winner's Evening, and a press cutting of the attempt by two pupils to join the under-18 England football squad.
  1989 The Annual Governor's Report, and pupil success.
  1990 The Annual Governor's Report & Abdul Malik's race for gold.
  1991 A bumper year with lots of material.  There are many press cuttings and details of the opening of the new sixth form centre.
  1992 New headmaster Mike Hart arrives and then shaves off his beard for charity.
  1993 Another bumper year.  Plenty of pictures and cuttings from comic relief.
  1994 The new Centre for Industrial Studies opens. A day to try and make "Maths Fun" is held, the Headmaster sends a letter to all parents explaining the differences between Grant Maintained and LEA Schools, plus lots of photos of different events.
  1995 A Bumper Year!  Pictures of staff around the school, visitors from Sweden and Russia and a school trip to Germany and lots more.
  1997 The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards, Carole Ann Eastgate retires and Homeless Charity Day.
  2000 Fun during Children in Need and Prize Winner's Evening.
  2001 There is a wealth of photos for this year on a range of events, plus two Governor's Reports
  2002 A major fashion show and a performance of the Forbidden Planet.
  2003 Article on funding for the new school, and a major performance of Grease, plus the Governor's Report.
      2004 No more material available.  Final school prize-giving in the History section

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